Well, Well, Well, Look What Times Square Killer Did 7 Days Ago – Horrific Vid From Scene Shows More

The horror that unfolded in New York City’s Times Square yesterday was instantly dubbed a drunk driving accident and the investigation into what happened quickly closed. However, in the hours since the killer’s name was released, more has come out about this man, particularly what happened seven days before he plowed into a large group of people, killing a teen. Now, graphic footage from this horrific scene along with his activities earlier this week, show something completely different than what we’re seeing on mainstream media.

The madman behind the wheel of a maroon 2009 Honda Accord, was 26-year-old Richard Rojas from the Bronx. He was said to be intoxicated but when he blew a 0.0 during an alcohol screening, the claim that he was drunk driving and lost control of his car didn’t work anymore. It was later reported that he “had smoked something,” which was believed to be marijuana. While drug tests reports haven’t come back to show if he was under the influence of anything, what has been released is graphic surveillance footage from the scene that showed what really happened along with an admission and arrest made about a week before he killed one and injured 22.

DNA Info reports:

“Richard Rojas, 26, a former sailor who left the Navy under a dark cloud in 2014 and never served overseas, was arrested May 11 when he grabbed the neck of a 45-year-old man with his left hand and pointed a kitchen knife at him inside his Walton Avenue home, near East Mount Eden Avenue, about 8:12 p.m., according to police and prosecutors.”

“‘Do you feel safe? You stole my identity,’ Rojas told the man, according to police.”

“He was arrested for menacing and criminal possession of a weapon, but was allowed to walk free the day of his arraignment after the Bronx District Attorney’s office offered him a plea deal for harassment 2, a violation, and gave him a conditional discharge at his arraignment before Judge Linda Poust Lopez.”

That decision paved the way to what happened on Thursday in the middle of Times Square and during the busiest part of the afternoon.

In newly released surveillance footage from several buildings in the immediate area, Rojas’ Honda is seen carefully moving with the slow flow of traffic. He doesn’t appear impatient, inebriated, or erratic until he gets to the intersection and sees his opportunity.

As he approaches the busy intersection, a pauses for a moment, allowing two cars to go by in the opposite direction. It was previously reported that he had been traveling against the flow of traffic, which is clearly not the case in this video. As soon as there is a gap between two cars, Rojas uses it as an entrance to get to the swarm of people on the street corner. He hits the gas as he takes the sharp turn, and mows everyone over as he plows down the sidewalk.

Warning: the video included below is disturbing and could be difficult for some to see.

Considering the magnitude of people plowed over by this madman and the speed at which he was going, it’s astonishing that more people weren’t killed — which we now know was his intention based on his latest admission.

The New York Post reports that “Rojas intentionally rammed the vehicle into the crowd in a suicide-by-cop attempt.” While he was being interrogated by investigators following his arrest yesterday, he told police, “You were supposed to shoot me! I wanted to kill them!” He also said that he had “smoked something” and ranted about the “end of the world.”

Photos of Rojas after he rammed everyone over and got out of the car

Adding to the intentionality of this crime is what Rojas’ friend told the Post about what happened the night before this rampage. The killer’s car had been repossessed and he was anxious to get it back. Other than really wanting his ride, which was used hours later to kill an 18-year-old, he seemed to be in good spirits, according to the friend’s account.

Rojas has since been charged with murder, 20 counts of attempted murder, and aggravated vehicular homicide, NYPD officials announced. Regardless of ultimate motive in this murder, what happened was clearly intentional, not an accident or the result of simply just being on a substance. Since Rojas is a former service member, the left will likely use his status to blame the military, but would never blame Islam for terrorism.

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