Dad Who Beat Pedophile For Molesting His Son Has 14 Chilling Words For Him At Trial

18-year-old Raymond Frolander was supposed to be babysitting an 11-year-old boy last year. As you can see from this picture, the plucky teenager, a freshly minted adult the moment he achieved the age of majority, looks like a normal working-class kind of guy.

Raymond Frolander

Instead of ensuring the safety of that 11-year-old boy, this monster decided it would be a bit more fun to sexually assault the innocent kid. That fun came to a blistering end when the child’s father walked into the residence as Frolander’s pants was still down around his ankles.

This is what Raymond Frolander ended up looking like when dad was done with administering his own form of parental justice.

child-molester frolander

The father wasn’t charged with any crimes, with the police chief stating, “Dad was acting like a dad.” On Thursday, Frolander was sentenced to 25 years in prison for molesting a child. Somewhat healed but still looking slightly raw, this is his current appearance.

frolander at trial

Unfortunately for Raymond Frolander, the father of his victim had fourteen chilling words for the criminal. “He’s going to learn in the next 25 years why I let him live.”

Pedophiles usually don’t thrive so well in any prison environment. Most of the other prisoners are also fathers, and for Frolander, the beating he got from his victim’s dad probably won’t be the only beating he will suffer. Depending on the Prosecutor and the Defense Attorney, some pedophiles end up with special conditions while behind bars, more in an effort to keep them alive than anything else.

Of course, there are those law-abiding Americans who feel that pedophilia should get capital punishment and nothing less, because you can’t cure pedophiles. Progressive Liberals tend to foam at the mouth in anger over such suggestions, citing false statistics as a base for supporting their bleeding heart policies. They tend to forget that monsters like Raymond Frolander doesn’t deserve their sympathy, completely forgetting that the criminal isn’t the only one affected in this case.

What about the victim? The 11-year-old boy will probably need years of therapy, but all sexual assault victims already know that the horrors of such an incident doesn’t completely go away. His attacker may end up with a 25 year sentence of getting weekly beat-downs, but I can assure you that physical distress is far easier to heal than the damage done to the soul of a person who was sexually molested just one time.

Did the father do the right thing? According to the majority of law-abiding Americans, especially the dads among them, that is a distinctly given nod.


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